Roof Repairs

Leaking roof? Missing or broken shingles? Damaged gutters or downspouts? Don’t let a small problem turn into a bigger and more expensive repair! Call Blue Monkey Roofing LLC, Acadiana’s premier roofing company, to fix all your roofing issues. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced crew at Blue Monkey Roofing LLC will work with you to ensure that your roof is repaired quickly and properly.

Blue Monkey Roofing LLC's contractors perform roof repairs for a variety of roof types. Do you have curling roof shingles, damaged slate, or cracked roof tiles? Do you need flat roof repair? Whether it’s repairing a few shingles or replacing an entire roof, our experienced tradesmen fix and restore roofs right the first time. Protecting your home from the elements is what we do! We can match any material, color, and style. Don’t hesitate to call Blue Monkey Roofing LLC once you see the first sign of roof damage to get a quote!

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Professional Roof Repair Services

Our commitment to top-quality customer service shows through our guarantee that we will repair your roof to your utmost satisfaction and at a fair price. Find out today how Blue Monkey Roofing LLC can repair your roofing issues!

Call (337) 284-3575 if you suspect you have any of these roof problems:

  • Leaky Roof
  • Blistered Shingles
  • Curling Roof Shingles
  • Broken Slate Tiles
  • Cracked Shingles
  • Cracked Roof Tiles
  • Pounding Water
  • Buckling Shingles
  • Ice Dams Rotting Wood
  • Poor Roof Drainage
  • Roof Punctures
  • Roof Moss & Algae Growth
  • Roof Stains
  • Leaky Ceiling or Ceiling Stains
  • Granule Loss on Shingles
  • Damaged Flashing
  • Damaged Gutters
  • Broken Roof Vents
  • Damaged Downspouts


How much does it cost to repair a roof leak?

Final costs for roofing repairs can vary widely depending on the age of the roof, the preexisting damage, and other factors. Most roof leak repairs can range from $350 to over $3,000, but this number is not set in stone. The cost of materials can cause prices to fluctuate, however, this is usually negligible. The size of the repair directly impacts the final costs, so smaller repairs generally fall on the lower end of this range. You can get a FREE initial consultation from Blue Monkey Roofing LLC to evaluate your roof and get a quote for repairs today!

How do you repair a leaky roof?

If it’s not apparent by stain patterns in the ceiling, our roofers will first locate the source of the leak. Pinpointing the specific problem areas help to minimize materials and labor costs, and those savings get passed down to the client. Once the issue is located, the shingles are then removed, and the underlayment is inspected for damage. If the waterproofing of the outer layers has failed, the plywood underlayment may also need to be replaced. The damaged section of roofing is cut out, and a new plywood underlayment is installed and fully sealed. Any damaged flashing is replaced and sealed, if necessary. Waterproofing of the repair is crucial to keep moisture out and extend the life of your roof. Shingles are color-matched and replaced, and any debris is then cleaned from the rooftop and property.

Can you fix your own roof?

Just because you can doesn’t mean you always should! Professional roofers have experience in dealing with roofing problems and repairs, as well as navigating all kinds of rooflines safely. An unskilled or uninformed homeowner can seriously injure themselves or severely damage the most important functioning aspect of your home, and taking that risk isn’t worth it! Call the professionals at Blue Monkey Roofing LLC for a free consultation, top-quality craftsmanship, and superior customer service.

Why are roof repairs so expensive?

The cost of roofing materials has skyrocketed over the past several years, and the prices just keep rising. On top of materials, the cost of labor has also risen over the past few years. Quality craftsmen who can perform the task are few and far in between, so the cost of securing those skilled laborers has also risen. These rising costs have had a direct impact on the prices for consumers, but at Blue Monkey Roofing LLC we try to work with all our clients to make an affordable solution for their needs. We provide tradesmen with the experience and skill to get the job done right, and we work directly with manufacturers to reduce costs without neglecting quality.

Can I claim for leaking roof on my homeowners’ insurance?

When your roof has been damaged due to a storm, wind, or a hurricane, you’ve got plenty to deal with. If you’ve been a victim of storm damage, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is spending large sums of money to replace your roof. If you have roof repair insurance, we can help you file a claim! Blue Monkey Roofing LLC has over 10 years of experience with helping homeowners and businesses navigate the paperwork and processes necessary to file a claim with their insurance carriers and seeing the process through from start to finish.

Roof Repair is Our Specialty!

Don’t let leaks, missing shingles, or minor damage to your roof go unattended. These minor issues can turn into expensive problems! Call the affordable contractors who can fix your roof right the first time. Blue Monkey Roofing LLC will repair roof problems of any size. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with the pros at Blue Monkey Roofing LLC to get a fair and reasonable quote to resolve your issues today!

I really enjoyed doing business with Blue Monkey Roofing! Michael did such a great job working with our insurance company. He is knowledgeable, thorough and works quickly. He and his crew did a beautiful job on our roof, and they were very meticulous in cleaning up the mess..nails too! I highly recommend this roofing company. You can't put a price on ethical work done in a friendly and efficient manner.

Julie Tarazona